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Instructions about orders or questions from foreign countries.

  1. Orders will must be in Japanese or English.
  2. Please, payment of the goods and reading charges must be done in advance.
  3. We recommend to pay by (international Postal Money Order) because other ways are not accept.
    *About (International Postal Money Order), please ask at your country's Post Office.
  4. The order goods will be send by Air or Ship.
    Please let us know which one you prefer wen the budget is effect.
    (We don't send by other ways.)
  5. We will send the goods after the payment is confirm.
  6. We can keep the goods 14 days after we give your the budget.
  7. We cannot bargain the prices of the goods.
  8. Please try to only contact us in case of order.
  9. Please accept our apologize as we don't speak good English, in case of misunderstanding.

*Please send us the order as is writed in the Home Page.